The Pressure Factor


Having nocturnal deer problems where you hunt? … me too

This is a picture I found on my game camera last year, and it seems that this deer only comes out and feeds during the night hours.

This could be due to a multitude of things, but the most likely reasoning is probably because of unnecessary pressure put on my deer herd.  Any kind of human activity such as shooting guns, being loud, driving near bedding grounds could all lead to this nocturnalization of your deer herd.  It’s a real problem because chances are you will never get an opportunity to harvest a mature deer when they’re always feeding at night.

The steps you can take in order to reverse this process is simple: decrease your commotion.  There is no reason to put any unnecessary pressure on your deer.

This will relieve the human pressure on your deer herd, therefore making the deer feel more comfortable moving during the daylight hours.