Whitetail Rugs from Pelts


This is rug I made from a deer that I shot with my bow on the last day of bow season.  As you can tell it has a reddish tone to it from its summertime coat.  This may look a little difficult to do, but in reality all you need is a sharp knife, a lot of salt, and some leather softener and your good to go.

Here’s how I do it:

1.) Skin the hide without making any cuts in the skin.

2.) Immediately remove all the extra meat and membrane left over on the membrane side of the hide.

3.) Salt the entire membrane side of the hide with roughly 12 lbs of unionized salt.  Let sit for 2 days.

4.) Remove salt, and stretch out the hide (hair down) and nail to plywood in order to let dry.  (This keeps the hide stretched out while it dries allowing a greater surface area for your rug once it is completed.)

5.) As hide is drying apply leather softener to membrane side and allow it to soak in

6.) Let hide COMPLETELY dry.  Enjoy your new rug for your living room!