Predators can be detrimental to your deer herd. Studies show a coyote mother with pups can and will take out 2 fawns a month in order to feed her young. Predators like coyotes will not only prey on young fawns but they also put a great amount of pressure on your deer herd as well. In layman’s terms, predators do you no good what so ever.
So how do you cut down on on your predator ratio?
There are a couple of different ways to accomplish this.
1.) You can hunt them. Go to the nearest outdoor store and get your self a couple predator calls. They are cheap and can really be effective.
2.) You can trap them. In the past, we have used a couple of traps made from a company known as Duke. We have had great success with these, and the best part about these traps is that they cause no harm to the coyote. I recommend the Duke #4. Here is their website, they have great customer service and quality traps.

Happy Hunting!