The Archery Edge

The archery movement in Alabama is real.  It adds a whole new dimension to hunting, but it also has it’s advantages too: it’s stealthy and quiet.

The single most advantageous idea behind bow hunting is that it doesn’t make a booming sound like a rifle.  More and more hunters are doing their doe management with bows instead of rifles simply because it puts less pressure on the deer.  Deer associate the boom from a rifle with death, but what do they associate the whisper of a bow with…? Nothing, because they cannot hear it.

Not only is it quiet, but it also levels the playing field in a sense.  How hard is it to sit in a tree with a rifle and harvest a deer? Not very difficult, but how about with a bow? It’s tough.

Being efficient with a bow takes dedication, diligence, and precision.  You have to know the ins and outs of your weapon and deliver a precise shot while being stealthy as possible.

If you haven’t jumped on board with archery movement in Alabama, think about it.


Doe Management

The more deer you have in your herd the better right? Wrong.

This could be the single most important management technique for your whitetail herd.  The method behind all this madness is simple; You want your buck to doe ratio to be as close as 1:1 as possible.

The more does you have compared to bucks, the shorter distance a buck has to travel in order to find a hot doe (doe in heat) during the rut.  This decreases your chances of harvesting a mature buck drastically.  The fewer does, the more active the bucks have to be during the rut in order to find a hot doe to reproduce.  The outcome: better chance of putting a big boy on your wall and meat in the freezer.