Invasive Species: Feral Hogs


This is probably the last thing you want to see on camera when trying to manage your whitetail herd.

Feral hogs originated in Mexico, and infiltrated Alabama during the early 1800’s causing all kinds of problems when it comes to deer hunting.  They may be fun to harvest, but they will completely destroy your green fields, roads, and harass any deer in your area.  They’re simply pests.  To my dismay, I found this picture on one of my game cameras from last year at our hunting camp in Alabama.  We haven’t had any serious damage done by these critters yet, but it is only a matter of time.  Feral hogs reproduce at an incredibly rapid rate.  A female pig can have up to 3 litters a year with up to 8 piglets each round.  That up to 24 piglets in a year!

We have countered their infestation on our property by trapping and relocating them.  More to come on trapping techniques…


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